Nyenrode Business Universiteit 석사

OTS 2015-2016 Grantee / MSc in Management

I chose the Netherlands to pursue my post-graduate education and future career opportunities. The educational environment here at Nyenrode is very different from the one in my home country, South Korea. For example, you are continuously encouraged to perform unconventional thinking through a combination of practical business cases and rigid academic programs under my MSc in Management course. Via this process, we are encouraged to approach people and raise critical questions as a way to overcome academic challenges. I see myself growing not only academically, but also personally, upon graduation from my university.

Besides academic studies, I have tried to explore different cities in the Netherlands whenever possible. The nationwide train network (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) is very well organized so it is very easy to travel any place. One thing I found very interesting is the involvement of bicycles in their daily lives. It is more than what I expected from what I had seen before my arrival. Recently, I also bought a bicycle so that I can join in on this essential part of Dutch life.


Dutch people have a great command of English usage so there is no problem with communication. However, I believe it is crucial to understand local culture through learning the area’s first language. I found Dutch pronunciation is quite hard to catch but it is getting better day by day. One thing I appreciate is being surrounded by majority of Dutch students in my education. They really appreciate me trying to use Dutch so this encourages me to go further in my efforts.

I would love to see and experience more about what the Netherlands cultures and people bring. I wish more international students would take advantage of the study opportunities in the Netherlands where you can think beyond of your expected talents.

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