Scholarship opportunities for Dutch students in Korea: DREAM FOUNDATION

Publication date: 2016-10-27 05:25

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In 2016, Insulation Korea is planning to award scholarship to students of overseas country where Insulation Korea signed partnership. Specially, in this year, we select of Netherlands and award to Netherlands student who is living in Korea for study.

The Reason of why we selected Netherlands is, we are working with Netherlands company name of ‘GOUDA Refractories’.   

Established in 1901, ‘GOUDA’ is global refractory special manufacturer and had a lot of know-how facilities in Reformer, Gasification, Incinerator and etc. This time , we will provide scholarship to Netherlands students, who are studying hard for their dreams, furthermore we hope to make the better relationship with Netherland. ‘Dream Foundation’ of Insulation Korea will offer scholarship amount of KRW 1,000,000,won / person, out of the total budget KRW 30,000,000 won(total 30 person).

♣ Guidelines for a Scholarship and Award Ceremony

Requirements : The Netherlands students living in Korea

1) Middle school, High school, University students or postgraduate course (excluded of Ph.D course)

2) Honor Roll students or low-income group

Documents to be submitted :

Self-introduction letter, Recommendation/reference letter (Ambassador, Professor, Teacher, Social Organization Director, Service Organization Director or other recommendations for those who meet the qualification), Transcript, Copy of an admission letter(apply only to new entrees to University in 2017), possible to directly contact number (ex. Mobile phone number)

No. of Beneficiary & Scholarship : 2 students, KRW 1,000,000 / person

Deadline for application : Dec.5th.2016

Selection announcement : On Dec. 12th, 2016 - website of Insulation Korea “Dream foundation” (website : and individual notification

Award Ceremony : Dec. 22th.2016 AM 11:30 (lunch included ~ 14:00 pm)

Place of the Ceremony : Seoul Palace Hotel(

For more information and reception : Insulation Korea – Management Team

Team Manager – Ms. Cecilia Hur (

Tel : 02-535-1437(ext.698) / mobile 010-5034-9690

About Insulation Korea (website :

Established in 1927, Insulation Korea manufactures products in high temperature insulation industries such as industrial furnaces, smelting furnaces, hot-mill stove, heat treatment furnaces, reheating furnaces, forge furnaces, cement kilns, glass melting furnaces, petrochemical heaters, NCC furnaces in plants. 

We are producing Fireproofing, nonflammable interior materials used in plants and architectural work, to save energy and improve production efficiency, proving you the Energy Saving solutions. 

As a front runner in insulating field, we, Insulation Korea, has partnership with global companies providing you total solutions in engineering, design, construction and etc. 

Insulation Korea is in business with some of the global companies such as, Siam(Thailand), Gouda(Nederland), Iris(France), JIC(Japan), ECO(Malaysia), IFTI(Taiwan),  Insulcon(Nederland), Skamol(Denmark), Hotwork(USA), SCG Chemical(Thailand), Rookwool(Denmark), Unifrax(USA), Refractory Anchors Inc. (USA), Thermbond(USA), Stellar Materials(USA), International Fireproof Technology Inc. (USA) and etc. With their abundant experiences and track-records, we are providing Energy Saving Systems through the enhancement of insulation and fireproofing technology, offering total guarantee of excellent workmanship and flawless construction. 

Always practicing the sharing, Mr. Kenny Seung, CEO of Insulation Korea, has established the “Dream Foundation” in 2012 to support students in various ways, such as scholarship and becoming their mentors and we are preparing scholarship every year.

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