Mission Statute & Objective

HAN Korea Foundation Statute
(prepared on 11 September 2009, Seoul, Korea)

Holland Alumni network Korea

Article 1: Mission 

HAN Korea stands for Holland Alumni Network Korea. HAN Korea aims to serve as a platform to provide the means and opportunities for its members and partners to improve their communication and empowerment and to promote their social and professional interests, and thereby ultimately improve Korean-Dutch relations.  

Article 2: Objectives  

HAN Korea has the following concrete aims and objectives:  

1. To provide a forum and meeting place for individuals in Korea with various educational, academic, professional and geographic backgrounds, and those who share a common experience in and affinity for the Netherlands.  

2. To promote the opportunities for alumni in Korea to re-establish, maintain and strengthen their contacts and bonds with their former host-institutions and with the Netherlands upon returning or moving to Korea.  

3. To enhance the acknowledgment and recognition of alumni and encourage them to be active in seeking contacts with fellow alumni and their former host-institutions.

Article 3: Definition alumnus

A Korean national who has studied at least six months at a higher education institution in the Netherlands is considered as an alumna/alumnus and member of HAN Korea. Membership comes into effect upon registration in HAN Korea alumni website and is free of charge.

Article 4: Chairman

The chairman of HAN Korea is chosen by the majority of the board members. The board member lives in Korea and is an alumna/alumnus. The chairman is chosen for one year, with the possible extension of another year. The board members come together for meetings four times a year, once every 3 months.

Article 5: Board members

As of June 2010, new board members to be appointed.

The board members will be replaced every two years. Nuffic Neso Korea is a permanent board member. Nuffic Neso Korea and the chairman decide upon new board members after consultation with the alumni community.

Article 6: Statute

This statute can be modified at any time if the board members find that necessary. This statue comes into effect when accepted in the board members meeting.

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